How old were you when you started to play music? +

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reasons as to why you shouldn’t buy the daily mirror !

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Niall laughing so hard he actually falls over

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niall can do whatever the hell he wants to me in that suit

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his best friend. his confidant. his silly rabbit <3


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i bet niall is the kind of person who swipes frosting off the wedding cake with his fingers when he thinks people aren’t looking

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Just so you know the oldest person in America is a black woman living in Detroit named Jeralean Talley. That’s right - she was born in 1899. That’s three centuries she’s lived in. She was on  bowling team till she was 104. She still goes to church. This woman saw prohibition, women’s suffrage, the civil rights movement, two world wars, a list of other dumb shit, all the way to the birth of the internet and of her great-great grandson, a child who’s 14 months old.


This is great

And to think, she only looks like she 83 for real for real.

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was niall there? - me every time there’s some sort of one direction related event

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